Mythos Revisted opens the doors once breached by H.P. Lovecraft and the like. Ten tales to scare and delight. Beware, not all doors should be opened and not all books should be read.

An Inquiry Into Ancient Texts by A.J. French
There are libraries that contain rare books but this library contains forbidden books of great evil worth the price of any transgression.

Bad Blood by Chris Stevens
A missing father, a mother with powers, two sons at odds with each other in a decrepit house with the Book. The Book can raise the dead, summon demons from beyond, and right wrongs. But the book desires blood above all else.

Tongue Lashing by Eric Styles
A son verbally abused by an arrogant father, unwittingly acquires the Book. Tonight, he gains the respect of his father but tomorrow the Book claims its fee with deathly results.

The Book of Callings by Richard Eline
It is a remarkable book with references to the sciences and the occult and when read, it offers a life idyllic and pure. That is the path to madness, the place from which no one returns.

Spawn of the Spider God by Patricia Correll
Three men search the Amazonian jungle for the fabled City of Gold and what they find does not glitter and sparkle, except with their blood.

Gammell by E. Albert Branstrom
What happened that day was child's play, she would say in later years. But four men died that day in what certainly wasn't, child's play.

For a Bit of Good Luck by Phillip Roberts
There's something in the basement and it's coming for you.

The Door by Larry Buontello
In the arid badlands of Texas stands a rundown homestead that hides a nightmare beyond the mind of man

The Painted Door by George Pastore
Even the aimless and wasted have a purpose in life and it waits behind the Painted Door.

Durango Agonistes Died Yesterday by Dave Fragments
A neighbor predicts the return of the Old Gods -- the Shambler, the Gargoyle and the One who Sleeps. Is he the oracle or a Cassandra? When a comet appears and the streets run red with blood, do you seek out him out as savior or as a friend of death?