Made at Home is a colourful collection of the food that Giorgio Locatelli loves to prepare for family and friends.

Containing over 150 simple family recipes from the best-selling chef and judge on the BBC's The Big Family Cooking Showdown, from Tuscan tomato and bread soup to monkfish stew, simple spaghettis or lemon and pistachio polenta cake, each dish reflects the places he calls home. From Northern Italy to North London or the holiday house he and his wife Plaxy have found in Puglia, Made at Home is a celebration of favourite vegetables (combined in vibrant salads or fresh seasonal stews), along with generous fish and meat dishes and cakes to share.

Early every evening, Giorgio's `other family', the chefs and front of house staff at his restaurant, Locanda Locatelli, sit down together to eat, and Giorgio reveals the recipes for their best-loved meals, the Tuesday Pizza and the Saturday `Italian' Burger. In a series of features he also takes favourite ingredients or themes and develops them in four different ways, amid ideas for wholesome snacks, from mozzarella and ham calzoncini (pasties) to ricotta and swiss chard erbazzone (a traditional pie), crostini to put out with drinks, and fresh fruit ice creams and sorbets to round off a meal in true Italian style.

"In this new book he reveals his recipes for mozzarella and ham calzoncini to ricotta and swiss chard erbazzone pie, making us even more jealous over how good they have it (food-wise) over in Italy." - The Telegraph

"Made in Italy is quite simply the perfect book… Buy this and you’ll never want to look at another Italian cookbook again." - Gordon Ramsay - The Times

"This book is nothing short of a masterpiece." - Nigel Slater

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 9780008100513